High School Youth

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If you are in Grades 9-12 then you're invited to the Warehouse every Tuesday night from 7 to 9 pm for youth group.  We come to the Warehouse to Connect & Go... Connect with Peers, connect with Youth Leaders, and most importantly - connect with God.  After Connecting, we need to Go out and share the Hope that we have with others.  Come out to the Warehouse to Connect with others through games, food, fun and small groups.  Come out and Connect with God through Prayer, Worship and a weekly Message.  Then Go out and invite your friends to come to the Warehouse!  See you Tuesday!

Youth Alpha - If you go to Lindsay Thurber, bring a friend and check out Youth Alpha every Tuesday at Flex time in Rm 2202.  Food will be there, so YOU should be there!

Sundays - High School grades 9-12 sit together in the main Sanctuary in the second row on the left during the 11 am service.  Meet in the Warehouse (when dismissed from main service) every second Sunday.


2017 - Fancy Pants Feast

Pastor Amy Miller  amym@livingstones.ab.ca

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