In Our World

2016 - Serving World

Upcoming Missions Trips:

For more information on upcoming Missions trips, any of the below Missionaries, or the Missions Committee, please contact Pastor Gordon White -

 Finkes - Global Network Project

Global Network Project is committed to bringing the gospel to those in Colombia and other parts of South America.  Their main focus is Church planting and they also run a Christian Bible centered school, 'Colegio Panamericano Columbo Sueco.'  This past year has been overwhelming for this Ministry as their founder Bob Finke passed away in a tragic accident last fall.  He had faithfully served the Lord as a missionary for over 50 years, 44 of these years in Colombia.  His wife Marilyn recently send out an update expressing how much they miss Bob, but also grateful they are for the Colombian believers who have stood united with them during this difficult time.  They are currently praying about what direction the Ministry should take in the future.

Please Pray:

  • For Marilyn and her children as they continue to mourn the loss of Bob
  • For clear direction so that the ministry can move forward in a way that gives God glory
  • For Pastor Steven, Bob and Marilyn's son, who has felt called to work in the church plants in South America

 Jim Humphries - Project L.A.M.B.S. - Myanmar, Thailand, India & Canada

Jim and Hkaw Win Humphries of 'Project L.A.M.B.S' - Light Abroad Mobile Bible Schools' - have the vision to set up training schools worldwide, publish courses and train teachers.  They are working primarily in Myanmar, Thailand, India and Canada.  Their goal is training people around the world to do discipleship ministry to help bring about discipline in the local Church and equip people for the work of service.

Please Pray:

  • For protection, strength, and health for the staff and fellow laborers in Myanmar, Thailand, India and Canada
  • For our leadership and resource materials as they get printed and translated
  • For the Kachin people as they are into their fifth year of war
  • For the financial needs of Project L.A.M.B.S. ministry throughout the world.

Lisa Koester and Achiuq Xayavong - Wycliffe - Thailand

Lias joined Wycliff Canada in 2001 and has been serving the Lord in Mainland Southeast Asia since early 2003.  In 2004 she joined the SO translation team and has been working as one of the translation facilitators for that team ever since.  Achiuq started working with SIL, Wycliffe's partner organization, in 2006 and has served in various roles among the Katuic language family.  Lisa and Achiuq married in September of 2010.  They have two daughters: Anna (4) and Aria (1).

Please Pray:

  • For a babysitter - pray also for patience for us as finding someone depends mostly on relationships
  • For a teacher:  Anna will be five this August and is ready to start Kindergarten.  There are four other missionary kids younger than Anna who will need quality schooling in English so that they can transfer back to the North American system whenever needed
  • For the translation teams:  The enemy does not want God's Word to go out and change lives and so our teams face many challenges.  Pray for the national translators and their families.  Pray for the expat families who are leading the teams. 

World Outreach Ministries Foundation - Uganda

World Outreach Ministries Foundation has been serving in Africa since 1987.  They help plant churches, build churches, and build schools (primary to university level), as well as reaching out via crusades, medical outreaches, seminars and conferences.  This past year has been one of great change, loss and struggle in the ministry.  The founders of WOMF, Ron and Shirley devore, retired and moved back to the United States after serving the Lord in Uganda for 29 years.  Then on March 28th, three Missionaries were killed in a car accident coming back from Easter services.  Please be in prayer for this ministry.

Please pray:

  • God to give wisdom and guide us the way forward (hear His voice)
  • Strength and encouragement to the three families who lost their fathers, husbands and grandfathers.
  • The whole mission to look to Jesus Christ and not at the storm or waves
  • The Lord God to raise Godly leadership, send us Missionaries who can run with us to fulfill our God given Assignments to advance His Kingdom in Africa whatever the cost.

Dr. Matthew and Elizabeth Thomas - Word for the World - India

Dr. Matthew Thomas of the Itarsi Pentecostal Church oversees more than 1900 churches as Chairman of the Pentecostal Churches of India.  He founded the Central India Theological Seminary to train and equip pastors for the work in India.  The Ministry also has a boy's and a girl's orphanage where 131 children are cared for.  This year the ministry saw the construction of a new church building that will be dedicated to the Lord on July 3.  They have also seen 36 new church plants started this year and on April 1st they opened a Christian English school.

Please Pray:

  • For financial provision to support 50 pastors
  • For supplies for the school
  • For a sound system for the new church

LA Dream Team 2015 - Los Angeles Dream Center

For the last 8 years Living Stones Church has sent a team to the LA Dream Center to serve there as volunteer missionaries.  The Dream Center is a non-profit outreach dedicated to serving LA's inner city.  Their ministry provides hope by meeting both tangible and spiritual needs to over 50,000 people a month.  We aim to give our volunteers opportunities to grow personally and spiritually by serving the city of LA and our own City of Red Deer.

Please Pray:

  • For our 2016 Team:  Pastor Marco, Anne, Aubrey, Beth, Margaret, Kirsten, Shelley, Leanna and Andrew.
  • For unity, health, protection, provision, wisdom, growth, strength and time management.

Paul and Mary-Ruth - Marine Based Ministries

Emmanuel and her crew carry aid used to grow and strengthen the church in the Caribbean.  Since 2009 they have delivered over 20,000 Bibles and thousands of other types of Christian Literature.  Although Bibles are their main focus, they also equip indigenous missions teams to reach their own remote territories.  They presently facilitate 4 programs that are having tremendous results.  A sewing and handicrafts program that teaches and equips women to be self-supportive, an evangelistic pre-natal and new Moms program, a Kids Club program, and a church facilitated medical clinic program. 

Please Pray:

  • For health, safety, protection, wisdom, growth and strength
  • For donations of goods and finances
  • That Emmanuel will be a place of refuge, communion, consecration and a place of worship.

Scott Hanrahan - Metro Missions

Metro is entering our 9th year, serving week in and week out in the same areas of Costa Rica as an arm of Living Stones Church.  Metro Ministries is dedicated to serving boys and girls growing up in the roughest circumstances and environments around Costa Rica.  We do this by ministering to them through hi-powered outdoor Sunday School services, personal home visits, purity classes and discipleship through in home Bible studies on a weekly basis.  We have backed up the message with ongoing tangible aids such as bags of food, school supplies, uniforms, shoes, as well as Christmas presents and City wide outreach events around Christmas.

Please Pray:

  • For more short term teams to come that also bring art supplies and prizes for the kids in order to lower our costs
  • We are needing to increase our monthly support another $500 to meet the extra needs in the area we are serving
  • Looking to add 3 more long term volunteers that are fluent in Spanish

For more information on upcoming Missions trips, local outreach opportunities, or the Missions Committee, please contact Pastor Gordon White -