Adult Education

For those wishing to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and their Christian faith, adult education classes are offered on a regular basis.  Classes vary in size from six to fifteen, providing a pleasant environment for class interaction and discussion.  New topics are introduced every three months with courses running eight to twelve weeks.  Some of the courses offered address contemporary, pertinent topics from a Biblical perspective while others look at specific Bible books or themes.  All courses emphasize relevant application to help you in your day-to-day situations, your relationships, and your life. 

Adult education classes generally run in conjunction with our Wednesday Night Ministries (from September to December, and from January to April) and are taught by individuals from our church family on a variety of topics of interest.  

  • Leadership Development: Pastor Paul Vallee offers Bible College level classes which study either specific books of the Bible or various Christian or leadership themes.  Courses generally run in conjunction with our Wednesday Night Ministries and may be taken for college credit or audited for personal spiritual growth.
  • Baptism Class:  Living Stones generally holds baptism Services twice a year and hosts a class prior to each Service to help all baptism candidates have a Biblical understanding of baptism and know what to expect during the Baptism Service.    

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Phone: 403.347.7311