We come from all walks of life but we are all the same under one roof. It’s the people that make the church and it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you’re welcome here.



We desire to help you walk in freedom in every area of your life. Free from the negative effects of future uncertainties, economic pressures, relational tensions, anxiety, worry, fear, and the like. Jesus’ story bears compelling witness to the fact the He has a purpose filled life for each one of us to live out fully and freely.

At Living Stones Church we provide many opportunities for you to discover the truth and learn practical skills that will help you to move towards a life of real and lasting freedom. Take the first step, reach out, and let us journey with you.

Being a part of the Body of Christ at LSC has been precious to me, and you reflect the love of Christ to everyone.



What an amazing God we serve!

What an amazing God we serve!

B. Krysko - Fall 2020 I was diagnosed with a pelvic tumour on August 20th. Because they couldn't perform a biopsy, it wasn't possible to confirm if the tumour was benign or malignant until it was surgically removed. My first reaction was typical; I think - concern and...

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I was watching “America’s Got Talent” the other night, and I was struck by the words of this beautiful young woman. She shared that she had been fighting cancer for the last few years, and Simon commented about her joy and peace. She replied, “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore to decide to be happy.” Then, after he pushed the “Golden Buzzer,” she said, “I have a 2% chance to live – and 2% is something, and that is amazing.” After scribbling down what she said, I did a quick search for her on social media and found this post: “I don’t think it’s meaningless, the story that says God sculpted us from clay. Of all the things He made, humankind was the first that He touched. The first breath we tasted was His exhale. I don’t think it’s meaningless that the first time humanity looked into the eyes of God, His hands were dirty, and He was close. Maybe we have forgotten what God showed us when he first introduced himself—that He will crawl into the dirt to be near to us, and He will fill our lungs with air when we don’t know how to breathe.” #Nightbirde #AGT #Joy #Beauty #Exhale #BreathOfHeaven #FeelGoodFriday #LSCSocialDistanceGroupHug ...
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"Here, we find a totally different approach to human relationships in a world that promotes self-expression and personal freedoms. For example, I was reading a blog by Mark Clark, lead pastor of Village Church, on the cultural shifts in our western world today, which were in essence adaptations of Mark Sayers’ book, ‘Disappearing Church.’ One of the main ideas expressed is simply, ‘How I feel and what I think is the deciding factor of my reality and thus the reality around me. …Traditions, regulations and social ties that restrict freedom, happiness, and self-expression are being de-construction or destroyed. …that the world will get better through progress, technology, and education. …we have moved away from addressing problems and issues through facts, science, objective conclusions that apply to everyone. We now make decisions based on subjective conclusions and how we feel about a certain thing and its impact on our lifestyle. For the first time in history, the church- even among Christians- is used as a tool of personal fulfillment. Rather than saying I’m part of the church for the good of society or for the good of others, people select churches based on their own personal fulfillment.' We've never known this much freedom, prosperity, technology, etc., yet it hasn't brought about more spiritual freedom in our country. We've been consuming the freedom and prosperity and resting in it rather than loving others into the Kingdom. We are to show value and honour to everyone, not treat people with contempt. We are to honour everyone and fear God. Christians are not to change the environment, but be faithful in the environment in which He put us." - Pastor Paul Vallee. To read the blog post from Pastor Paul's sermon, "Swimming with the Sharks," click here (buff.ly/2TVEySy). You can also click here to watch (buff.ly/3zlFcsS) or click here (buff.ly/2lq1F6I) to listen. #ThrowbackThursday #PrayForOurLeaders #LoveOthers #LSCSocialDistanceGroupHug ...
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Living Stones Church Red Deer
Join us for 3 nights of Prayer & Fasting June 7, 8 & 9, 2021 at 7:00 PM. ...
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"God makes of each of His creations a significant statement. We must learn to welcome God's editing process in our lives; we must not only welcome His work but also submit and cooperate with it if we are to become something more than a pulp novel... tossed aside, forgotten because of its inferior style." - Karen Burton Mains#Truth #JesusTakeTheWheel #Surrender #LSCSocialDistanceGroupHug ...
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