M. Lebeda – August 2018

What is it that Jesus did for or through you (and when)?

He gave me hope and joy, despite all the things that were happening in my life in the fall of 2015. I was struggling with relationships and finances (effects of my 2011 divorce). He restored my relationships, and I met a group of great guys at Men’s Ministry at Living Stones Church. I became a regular attender, volunteer and student of God’s word.

Are you a new Christian?

I have been a lukewarm Christian for years, but 3 years ago I heard Him say that He loved me and all will be well.

How did you first discover Living Stones Church?

I first attended LSC in 2001, through my landlord at the time. LSC became my home in the fall of 2015.

Do you have a story of answered prayer or “aha” moments?

Quite a few, I love what one of my friends says about God being in the details.

What’s it like for you to “do life” with us here at LSC?

LSC became my real home. I love the support, the teaching and encouragement to study God’s word. I love the chance to become Christ-like a bit more every day.

Do you have any words of encouragement for someone who may be searching for God or is new to our church?

Pray and be still, God will bring people into your life that will say just what you need to hear. He will bring people who are happy to help and walk alongside you.

Is there anything else you would like to share? 

God is always good, He is a good Father!