When we go through difficult times, we need someone to care, listen, and share God’s love and help us get through the confusion, stress, or crisis we may be experiencing. We can help you find peace in every circumstance through faith in God.


We’re a team of trained, caring, Christian friends, called Stephen Ministers, who can provide one-on-one confidential care to individuals experiencing a crisis or needing personal support. Examples of people who can benefit from this care are those who experience the loss of a loved one, hospitalization, terminal illness, divorce or separation, discouragement, or employment issues. If you would like a Stephen Minister, or if you would like to become a Stephen Minister, please click on the button below.

Stephen Ministry Training

Comprehensive initial training in important ministry skills and concepts, as well as continuing education and skill building throughout the year.
– 50 hours of training
– January to March
– $95.00 per person


We would like to extend compassion to you and your loved ones if you are sick, convalescing or hospitalized.


Living Stones Church has grocery hampers and other kinds of practical support for people experiencing a need if you are eligible.

Changed my life and gave me the one thing
I never knew I was missing, a deep walk with God.
My life is now so much more richer.

Neil Purfeild