J. Studer – October 23, 2018

I have a wonderful story to tell you of God’s love, healing and redemption. Three and a half years ago our 31-year-old son decided to totally withdraw himself from our family. He especially didn’t want anything to do with me. We decided to give this great disappointment over to our great God who is in the business of healing the broken-hearted. We prayed for reconciliation to happen. Each week at church we wrote down our prayer requests on communication cards which the church staff faithfully pray over each Tuesday. Our son’s name was never forgotten. Friends and family held us up as we struggled with emotions. Our patience was tried, and it was hard. Each Sunday I would search for a glimpse of my son in the pews, wondering if he had returned to the church so we could perhaps start over. Every day as I drove through the city, I would peer into cars and trucks, hoping I would see my son at the wheel. Had he totally disappeared? Friends would tell me that they had seen him at a coffee shop or in a store. This lifted my heart so much as I didn’t know if he was homeless, sick or dead. Another friend informed me that his marriage was in trouble and there had been a separation. Our hearts ached for this as well.

But God was at work for these past 3 ½ years, drawing hearts to Himself. Miraculously on August 22, 2018, our prayers began to be answered. God was about to show us His pure love. That evening, my husband and I decided to visit a good friend in the hospital who has cancer. She let us know when we arrived that her son was out for coffee with our son; the fact that our son was reaching out to old friends was in itself giving us hope. Our son decided to accompany his friend back to the hospital to visit his mom, and our hearts leapt as we saw him walk into the hospital solarium! Noticing his big smile upon seeing us, we could sense that God had been working in his heart. Four and a half hours later, through tears and laughter, prayers for forgiveness (from both sides), we all realised that this was the start of a new beginning for our family. God was working in all of our hearts. We found out that our son had been receiving Christian counselling for years and was wanting to return to our family but didn’t know how. Only God could have orchestrated this glorious meeting. We all truly wanted a new start, and God provided the way.

Thank you God and thank you to all of our friends and family and church family for all of your prayers. The Bible says that the effectual, fervent prayers of righteous people avail much! It is our prayer that our son’s marriage will be restored. God is in the business!