Faithful Counseling

Professional mental health counseling from a Biblical perspective. Faithful Counseling is designed as a solution for people seeking traditional mental health counseling who would prefer hearing from the perspective of a Christian. If you are seeking a mental health professional who is a practicing Christian, Faithful Counseling may be a great option for you.


“Feeling low, stressed, or anxious? BounceBack® is a free program from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) designed to help adults and youth 15+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or worry. Working with workbooks and a trained coach to guide you and encourage you to reflect, BounceBack® can help you build skills to improve your mental health.”

Recovery College – CMHA

Recovery Colleges offer a range and variety of recovery-focused courses designed for individuals, families, the workplace, and cultural and spiritual communities. All Recovery College courses are co-developed and co-facilitated with the community and peers (individuals with “lived experience” who are role models to their peers and embody hope and recovery) exploring community strengths, as personal expertise is embedded with professional expertise.

Recovery Colleges in Alberta provide early access to mental health supports through a range of courses that help develop resiliency, wellness, connection, belonging and hope.”


Get support. Take control. Feel better. An online peer-to-peer support community for your mental health. Commissioned by over 250 organizations globally, we’re an online service providing access to millions with anxiety, depression and other common mental health issues.”

  • An anonymous community where members can support each other
  • Access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Self-assessments & recommended resources
  • Creative tools to help express how you’re feeling
  • Wide range of self-guided courses to do at your own pace

Wellness Together Canada

Wellness Together Canada is a platform for Canadians to access free mental health and substance use support, with funding from the Government of Canada. Wellness Together Canada is a collaborative project. Our mission is to provide high-quality resources for all Canadians—which is why we are supported by a wide network of organizations with decades of specialized experience in wellness. From substance use support for older adults to grief and loss counselling for youth, our partners are prepared to help—whatever the need. Wellness Together Canada is designed to be used on-demand: you get to choose what you need when you need it. Our services range from basic wellness information to one-on-one sessions with a counsellor to participating in a community of support. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’re here to point you towards the best resources out there.