Learn about the Christian Faith and what it means to follow Jesus.


If you would like to grow in your faith by learning from another mature Christian, we would love to help you take that next step. Click the “Sign Up” button above to start the process of being matched up with someone who can help you become a more Christ-like follower. 

Jesus said: ‘Come, and Follow Me’.

Jesus asks us to come and follow Him, and we want to equip you to be able to do that. We want you to live a free and victorious life.

Our one-on-one discipleship program is designed to expand your knowledge of who God is and how He is at work in your life and in our world. Whether you are just beginning to explore Christianity or are looking to dig deep into the teachings of the Christian faith, our aim is to help you grow.

We will match you with a mature believer (mentor) who will help you learn how to pray, how to study the Bible and how to live out what you learn. Together you and your mentor will read through a series of study books that will help you understand how to follow Jesus. You and your mentor decide how often to meet, the best time to meet, and where to meet depending on your schedules.


Good music , good people and good words to follow Christ with all your heart!
Bruce Fowler