Georgie Edgar – August 23, 2018

On a Sunday in 1979, Nick Kooman led me to the Lord at a Presbyterian winter camp. I grew up always believing in Jesus but was not taught that I had to ask Him into my heart. In 1983 I went to YWAM (Youth With A Mission) on the big island of Hawaii. There I received great biblical teaching and decided to get baptized in the Pacific Ocean at sunset in Kauila-Kona. I was singing on the worship team every Friday night and received some incredible healing. That experience solidified my faith, and I no longer felt like a “luke-warm” Christian. I went to Discipleship Training School, and it was the best thing for my walk with God. I have never looked back!

In 1991 I moved to Innisfail and was attending RDC. I got very sick from a severe migraine and ended up in the Red Deer Regional Hospital. I requested a church visit from the hospital, and Herb & Ruth Weber answered that call, visiting me every day. They invited me to Living Stones Church, and to join their small group. Having Herb and Ruth pour into my life with all their life experience, and spiritual maturity helped me become more grounded in my faith. I got hooked on Pastor Paul’s preaching! God speaks to me every time Pastor Paul preaches, shares a story or shares something from his life. I thank God daily for this church family!

Before I became a born-again Christian, I was very insecure. I had been molested, raped and bullied. I had a hard time making friends and was a very black and white thinker. I was judgemental, critical and didn’t trust anyone. I also got raped again after becoming a Christian, but God carried me through and saved my life twice from suicide. God even found a Christian doctor to help me! I got some counselling, dug into my faith, and my life started turning around. My whole world changed when I knew I was loved no matter what and Jesus would never stop loving me, ever. Slowly through Christian friends, church, Venture Teams International, and teaching from YWAM, I started growing up in my faith. My LSC church family supported me and helped me along the way. I love Living Stones Church and living out my faith in such a caring community.

Jesus also saved my daughter and me from an abusive marriage of 23 years. I know my prayer life grew immensely in that difficult time. I lost most of my belongings when I left my marriage, but I was rich in relationships, love and Jesus. What more could I ask for? God promised me He would bring me out of the wilderness safely and I would be a strong Christian woman. Thank you, Jesus! I walk with Jesus one day at a time. I’ve never been more happy and confident. My life has been one struggle after the next, but I love my journey with the Lord! I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but I am at peace because my God is bigger than any mental illness! He is the Great Physician! He made me this unique way; I’m glad I am who I am. God never promised it would be easy but He did promise that He would take my hand and lead me through each situation. I love learning, reading, studying, and growing in my personal journey with Jesus. He is my everything! I am finally loved, forgiven, free and can live in victory because of Him.