Prepping for Easter – Amy Miller

I don’t know about you, but time is flying, as always! I can’t believe it’s already March, and Easter is less than four weeks away! This leads me to my question: How are you preparing for Easter?

When we ask a question like this in a church context, we allude to how we prepare our hearts. That is included in this question and is very important, but I want to challenge you to ask yourself how you are preparing the ground in the spiritual realm for Easter. How are you praying and believing for a Resurrection Sunday for the lost?

In the fall, we were challenged to pray for three unsaved people every day until Christmas. There were some testimonies of people coming to Christ, and others saw signs of interest in spiritual things, and some didn’t see any changes in the people they were praying for, and perhaps they were getting discouraged. Perhaps you are feeling discouraged now. Maybe you’ve lost your enthusiasm to pray. That’s where I want to encourage you, as Jesus encouraged His disciples to ‘Always pray and not give up!’ (Luke 8:1)

Since Christmas, I have continued to pray for my list, but honestly, I have lost some fervour. I miss a day here and there, or maybe skip a few names on different days, and some days, I must call myself to believe and declare again that God is still in the business of saving people, even if I don’t see any changes.

However, as Easter is coming, I find my intensity in prayer increasing – asking the Lord to soften hearts as Easter approaches. I am asking that the prodigal remember a time when they went into the courts of the Lord with the congregation and that they would long for His presence again, which would draw them to church over Easter. I pray that the blind and hard-hearted would be intrigued and find themselves in a pew enveloped by our Great God’s love and grace! I am preparing for Easter by intensifying my prayers for the lost.

Prayer is just the first step in seeing the lost get saved. The reality is that Jesus gave us the commission to GO and make disciples. This means you shouldn’t just sit in a room and pray about it but actually put your feet to it. I love the analogy of telling your kids to clean their room, and an hour later, they tell you they prayed about it, had a Bible study about it, etc., but never actually cleaned their room! That doesn’t count for much, yet that’s often what we do with what God has told us to do!

So, how do we put our feet to the prayers in preparation for Easter? Here are a few ideas:

  1. To open a conversation, ask what their plans are for Easter.
  2. Ask what their background is or if they know the reason behind Easter (it is shocking how many people don’t know).
  3. Invite them to an Easter service (invitations will be in the Foyer) and a meal afterward.
  4. Ask if you can share the meaning of Easter because you care too much about them to not share the hope and abundant life that Jesus offers.
  5. Take cookies or a little bag of mini-eggs with an invitation attached to it for people in your neighbourhood or workplace. My neighbour started coming to church through this, and amazing community has been built in my close because I took baking to my neighbours over the holidays!

The bottom line is I want to encourage you as you prepare for Easter to ACT! Because as we step out in faith to do what God has commissioned us to do, we will be amazed at what God will do with a few willing harvesters!

Blessings, and I’m looking forward to hearing how Easter is a Ressurection Sunday for those you are praying for!